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 [Goukaiger] Unknown feeling

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Status : Don Don Don~~~
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Age : 24
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: [Goukaiger] Unknown feeling   2011-04-02, 12:49 am

Title: Unknown Feeling

Pairing: Don/Luka

Rating: 13+

Genres: Fluffy fluffy and fluffy. Romance and violent /–shot-, a bit of humour

Warn: OOC ~~~ There might be a lot of mistakes, forgive me ^^;;. Since I'm not English spoken orz

Summary: They were together for long before they even realized it; they were shipmates, friends and partners. But neither of them had realized that they had both developed feelings toward the other.

“Ahhh Hakase, help me with this!” Luka whined, asking for help from her favourite light-brown haired friend, as usual.

“Okay, okay, I get it! Hold on. Don’t touch anything unless I tell you to, okay?” replied Don, the shipmate with the best knowledge on the system of the ship.

“It’s not like I’m going to wreck the ship just with this,” she pouted a little as she stood aside, waiting for Don to help. She looked up and stared at him. It felt like forever since he last stood this close, helping her with all the control buttons. Did he get a bit taller? She didn’t really like the idea of him growing taller than her, even though she would still be able to hit him in the stomach every day. His hair had grown longer too; still messy as usual, but it created its own attractiveness. She’d used to ruffle it a lot for the soft and fluffy feeling.

“You have to press this, then this, in this order, then input this code…Hey, are you listening to me, Luka?” He glanced at his dark haired friend. Her eyes were not focused on the buttons, but instead they were on him. “Is there something on my face?” he asked, even though he was sure that he had thoroughly washed his face this morning.

Since she was lost in thought, it took a while for Luka to pull herself back to what Don has asked. She snapped out of her daydream, blinking quickly and pretending to look at the buttons. “Ah…n-nothing! Er...can you repeat all of what you just said?” she said, a slight hint of guilt in her tone.

“Hm? You didn’t hear any of that? Really, what’s gotten into you today…?” he said, scratching the back of his head in wonder about his usually-ecstatic friend.

“I-I…NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME ‘KAY?” she shouted at him and then hit him violently in the stomach before running off.

“Ouch! What was that all about? Dude, why does she need to hit me everyday…?” The green Goukaiger complained as he kneeled down. “Fine, it’s not like I need her to destroy this ship anyway.” He sat down and started checking the information on the computer, looking at the wanted posters of him and his fellow friends. “Ah, better check over the ship for the next Zangark attack.” It had been quite busy for them since they’d become the real enemy of the Empire.

“Ah dang, I did it again,” she muttered to herself. She was somewhat angry because of this. It was like a reflex. She always hit him like that – every day, every single time he got near her or when she got annoyed, afraid and such. She knew she shouldn’t do it, she knew she should stop hurting him because deep inside, she didn’t want to. She would never accept or admit the fact that she had any feelings for that guy since she was too stubborn for such a thing. She stepped into her room, collapsed on her bed then rolled on it lazily. Looking up at the ceiling, she stared at all the stars, moon and planet shapes that she had collected. Her favourite one was the biggest one in the middle in the shape of the sun. Don had given it to her as a gift from treasure hunting because he knew she loved collecting them. “Ah mou…idiot…!” she whispered, not sure whether to Don or herself.

“Luka-chan, can I come in?” A familiar voice asked while knocking softly knocking on the door.

“Ahim? Sure, I didn’t lock the door,” replied Luka, sitting up, slightly surprised. “What brings you here today?”

“Ah…just that...” The princess of the ship stepped in, looking as royal as ever. She closed the door behind her before sitting down next to Luka. “I heard you shouted at Don, so I was just wondering what’s wrong. Are you two fighting?” she asked with genuine concern in her voice.

“Hmm? You heard?? N-no! It’s not like that. We are not fighting!...Although…”


“I guess I made Hakase mad this time…”

“Don? Getting mad?” Ahim chuckled slightly, covering her lips with her hand. “It’s not possible for him to get mad. You’re just thinking too much about it.”

“B-but…I think I-I….I don’t know Ahim…I yelled at him for no reason, and it’s sorta weird talking to him recently…”

“Weird?” Ahim glanced at her short-haired friend and a smile slowly spread across her face. “Are you sure he is weird…or you are the one feeling weird?”

“Huh?! W-what do you mean, Ahim?! I am not!”

-Seems like she doesn’t get it yet- Ahim thought, then just smiled and said, “Okay okay I get it, then just go and apologize. I’m sure it’ll be fine and it won’t bother you anymore.”

“Apologizing? Me?!?... No wayyyyyyyyyy.”

“Hmm, It’s up to you. I’m not forcing you,” Ahim smirked jokingly, “it’s up to you whether or not you want to live in guilt for the rest of your life.”

“I’m not feeling guilty, Ahimmmmmmmmmmm!” She blushed a little and hit Ahim slightly on the back.

“Hehe, okay. I’m going to prepare for the tea party, as usual, so I will see you later, okay?” Ahim stood up and walked out.

“Arghh Ahim is also an idiot!” Luka threw the pillow at the door after it closed. She just lay on her back. “What should I do now? Apologize? That would be too embarrassing…ahh crap. Perhaps I should just get some sleep and think it over later –


The explosion dragged Luka out of her thoughts. It was not the first time she had heard such a commotion. “Oh dang, Zangark is attacking again…and right when I’m in a bad mood too… Great.” She leapt out of bed and ran out of the room to her friends.

Everyone already gathered in the control room. Marvelous, captain of the ship, was giving out orders. “It seems they are trying to get on the ship. Hakase and Luka, you two go to the bow and protect the ship on that side; Joe and Ahim, go to the opposite side. Be careful not to fall down ‘kay?”

“Roger, captain!” they replied together, obliging immediately and running to their posts.


“Why did captain Marvelous choose Don to pair up with me? I could’ve done better with Ahim. Arghh….” Luka complained, not focused on the fight at all.

“Luka, behind you!!” Don screamed, but it was too late. At least 5 Zangark had already shot Luka in the back, all at the same time.

The yellow warrior didn’t even know what had just happened – she just collapsed on the floor. Her henshin form disappeared. She couldn’t even move, her eyes were opened but barely.

“LUKAAAAA!!?!” Don sliced his way through the enemy to get to her side. Once he was there, he knelt down as he continued to shout her name. “Luka? Luka? Can you hear me? Hang in there, Luka!” He looked at her full of concern that even showed in his voice. He stood up and pulled out the ranger key. “Hang in there, I’ll wipe them out quickly and then I’ll see to your wounds right away.”


“D-don…” Luka whispered weakly. What if something went wrong? It was her fault that he had to fight alone. She had never felt this useless before, she couldn’t even move a finger to help him. Why didn’t she pay attention to the fight in the first place? Why was Don all that she thought about instead?

“Disappear, ALL OF YOU!” With surprising power, Don wiped out the troops of Zangark in an instant. He quickly ran back to Luka, carefully carrying her back to the ship while reporting to Marvelous.

“Luka got injured?!”

“I will take care of her, Marvelous. Will you, Ahim and Joe take care of the rest?”

“Don’t worry, of course we will. Joe and Ahim will take care of the remaining troops on the ship’s surface while I shake them off our ship quickly. We leave Luka with you then, Hakase.”

“Sure!” Don replied as he gently lowered Luka to his bed. His room had all the necessary equipment for treatment. He carefully checked all the wounds as he treated them gently. Fortunately, none of the shots had hit any of her vital organs; she had just lost a bit blood and had many scratches. His face was as red as tomato while he was cleaning her wounds with water. If it were the usual Luka, he would probably have been beaten to pulp already. “Ah geez, really, what’s wrong with you today? You’re always so much more focused on the fights than me… what if something worse had happened to you?”

“Stupid Don…it’s your fault alright,” Luka muttered under her breath.

“E-err? My fault? How come? Wait, you’re awake, Luka?? Are you feeling alright??”

“Slow down! You idiot!!”

“Ahh….I’m sorry”

“Che…even I don’t know what’s gotten into me today either…”

“B-but…what do you mean it’s my fault?” Don asked, his eyes were full of concern. What had he done that had put Luka in such a state?

“Don’t look at me like that—,” she threw her arms up and covered her face and mumbled, “I can’t calm down and be myself when….I look in your eyes…”



“……Did you say something, Luka?”



“I said…I’m sorry for hitting you all the time and always making trouble for you…”


“…Why are you silent now, Hakase?”

“…why don’t you call me ‘Don’ like you just did?”

“You dare to order me around…?”

“You can order me back something that small, if you want.”

“…hold me, Don.”

“……………..I didn’t hear that clearly.”

“…” Luka turned her face away from him.

“Are you mad?” he leaned closer to Luka and asked in a low voice.


“Then why don’t you face me?”

“….just do what I demanded you to, jerk.”

“…” He held Luka up and turn her to face him, then embraced her gently in his arms. He was careful not to touch her wounds. “How about this?”



“It’s….warm, Don.”

“You are acting weird today…but I don’t think I hate it…” he smiled warmly.

“B-baka…,” she buried her head into Don’s chest, hiding a smile. Both still did not understand what these feelings were, but in their hearts, they both wished that this moment would last forever.




“Ahem, Hakase, attacking an injured person is unforgivable,” the captain said jokingly.

“…Marvelous-san…you misunderstood!!”

“Tsk tsk, Hakase,” Ahim tutted, putting her finger to her cheek to scare Don.

Joe just shook his head and smirked.

“Man, if you guys had come any later, who knows what he might have done to me,” Luka said, taking the opportunity to have the last shot.

“…………….ah mouuuu why are you guys always ganging up on meeeeeee?!”

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Rin Amami

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: [Goukaiger] Unknown feeling   2011-04-03, 1:14 am

Cái này cậu có post lên FB rồi he =w=
Ờm nói chung là ổn, good. Tính cách nv đc thể hiện khá tốt.
Vì tớ ko quen đọc fluffy hetero fic nên cũng ko biết nhận xét sao 'w'
Cố gắng phát huy~
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: [Goukaiger] Unknown feeling   2011-04-03, 9:12 pm

Kai ơi là Kai, sao mà cậu ác thế == dịch tiếng Việt đi Kai~ tớ yêu tiếng Việt.
Mà từ hồi FB cũng chưa có đọc nữa, gomen.
ủng hộ Hetero fic :">
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: [Goukaiger] Unknown feeling   

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[Goukaiger] Unknown feeling
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